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    • ABOUT

      Wenling City Huanyu Sealing Fittings Co.,Ltd is a enterprise focuses on the production of mechanical sealing elements for pump use, and sealing materials, such as ceramic loop, carbon graphite loop, rubber fittings,etc..
      The company has expanded rapidly,continuously developing processes and designs.Local and overseas experience and technology has enabled the company to develop a wide range of mechanical sealing devices suitable for use in a wide range of industries,these include:oil refining,petrochemical,food and beverage,heat treatment etc.Thesemechanical seals are typically used in pumps,mixers,agitators,compressors and all types of rotating equipmnet.
      The company has established and maintains a quality system ISO9001:2000,Our products are sold and supported throughout China,Eastern Uurope,Africa,Oceania and South East Asia.
      Our philosophy is cooperation,affording the best products and credit Service.We welcome all new and old clients to contact us and develop a mutual Beneficial business relationship with us.