LARExC’s primary objective is to proactively identify and recruit manufacturing and exporters to pursue additional business opportunities in global markets.


Reality check on growing your business in global markets:

Why are your competitors more successful?


Because…your competitors have realized the value of exporting 

  • Understand that over 99% of the world’s population lives outside California
  • Know that over 70% of the world’s purchasing power is outside California
  • Understand that emerging economies and their middle class consumers are growing faster than in California

Because… your competitors have made a commitment to export and learned 

  • How to conduct business in global markets
  • Exporting has an exceptional return on investment
  • Where to go for trade and export finance
  • That California products and services are desired by foreign consumers
  • Which products are most attractive for exporting
  • The highest potential global markets for their products

Exporting is a strategy for growth

  • Diversifies your risks by broadening your customer base
  • Increases new sources of sales and revenues
  • Extends your product life cycle in global markets
  • Minimizes impact of domestic economic downturns

Be proactive … and start or expand your export program 

  • Identify a senior executive to develop and manage your export strategies
  • Learn how to conduct business with countries that have free trade agreements with the United States.

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