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LARExC is a nonprofit, non-partisan, membership-based organization serving the Los Angeles region to promote and facilitate global trade and investment. If your strategy is to export, import and attract direct foreign investment, please contact us.

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LARExC came together in response to highly publicized work by the Brookings Institution and the Rockefeller Foundation on an export-driven economic recovery.  The Brookings-Rockefeller project showed that, while our region has many assets to seize global trade and investment opportunities, from the perspective of the business community, our trade and investment support services are fragmented and hard-to-access.   What is needed is to help firms find and navigate private and public resources which will equip them to increase international sales and invest in Los Angeles. Increasing international transactions and investment increases the level of economic activity for this region and its assets like the airports and ports, thereby increasing business and employment opportunities.  This is core to the LARExC mission.

LARExC is developing and implementing professional export, import and foreign investment services into a regional network that is both unified and sustainable.  We are streamlining existing successful trade programs so that these can be accessed systematically; identifying essential gaps for our partners to fill; eliminating wasted resources; and building the cohesive communications platforms that will make it easy for SMEs to identify when and where to go for which types of export assistance in realizing their specific objectives.  


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